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A method for the preparation of a plasticizer for wet-mix mortars.

Wektu: 2021-09-22 Hit 1

Pambuka kanggo Rongalit


Jeneng kimia: Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate

Chemical Formula: NaHSO2.CH2O.2H2O

CAS: 149-44-0

Bobot molekul: 154.12

Specific Gravity : 1.8

Panggonan Asal: China (Mainland)



No.          item                                            Index

1    Content of NaHSO2.CH2O.2H2O    98.0 %Min

2    State of solubeleness              Water solution clear or slightly muddy

3    Sulfida                               No presence of black color is allowed

4      Odor                                                    A slightly leek odor


This article introduces a method of preparing a plasticizer for wet-mix mortar, which is related to the technical field of wet-mix mortar admixtures. Then add material A (hydroxyethyl acrylate, mercaptopropionic acid and soft water mix) and material B (Obtained kanthi nyampur sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate/Sodium bisulfoxylate formaldehyde /rongalite karo soft water), 16h maturation reaction at 2528℃, and then add soft water to dilute the product until the theoretical solid content of 40%, that is, to obtain the plasticizer.

The plasticizer obtained by this preparation method has longer setting time, better consistency loss rate and better water retention rate when applied to wet mix mortar, which is more convenient for construction.

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