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A preparation method of free formaldehyde-free and storage-stable sodium bisulfite formaldehyde

Wektu: 2021-08-30 Hit 2

The article discloses a preparation method of free formaldehyde-free and storage-stable rongalite, which comprises the steps of sequentially adding sodium metabisulfite, zinc powder, a catalyst and formaldehyde into a reaction system to obtain a suloksilat natrium formaldehida solusi.


Polyphenol compounds and desiccant are added to the solution to obtain a uniformly mixed and stable sodium formaldehyde sodium sulfoxylate storage solution, and finally concentrated and dried to obtain the free formaldehyde-free and storage-stable rongalite.


Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate is prepared by adopting a one-step method, and free formaldehyde-free and storage-stable rongalite is obtained by adding a polyphenol compound and silica gel.


The cara realizes the one-step low-temperature method for preparing the rongalite kang ora free formaldehyde and stable in storage, the method reduces the reaction temperature and the reaction time required for preparing the formaldehyde sodium sulfoxylate, saves the energy consumption and the time, improves the production efficiency, reduces the production cost, and the prepared rongalite is ora free formaldehyde and greatly improves the storage  stabilitas.


Produksi saka sodium bisulfite formaldehyde by this method consists of three main processes: dissolution reduction addition reaction, solid-liquid separation and evaporation and crystallisation.

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