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Application and process development of sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate

Wektu: 2021-07-09 Hit 1

Sodium sulfoxylate formaldehyde (NaHSO2 · CH2O · 2H2O),

Uga kasebut sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate,

Jeneng komoditas:Rongalite C.


It is a white translucent block with a melting point of 64 ℃. It has strong reducibility at high temperatures and can fade dyed fabrics.

Therefore, it is mainly used as a discharging agent in the printing and dyeing industry, as a bleaching agent in the rubber synthesis and sugar industry.

With the development and application of products, in recent years, it has also been used in soap industry and medical treatment as an antidote of Hg, Bi, Ba.


Produksi saka rongalite generally uses the traditional three-step method, namely zinc powder-sulfur dioxide-formaldehyde method.

That is, sulfur dioxide, zinc powder, and formaldehyde are used as raw materials, and sulfur dioxide and zinc powder react to form zinc dithionite (ZnS2O4), and then formaldehyde addition, zinc powder reduction and sodium hydroxide metathesis reaction to make the product.


The production of domestic rongalite also uses the above-mentioned traditional crafts. The products are mainly supplied to the domestic market, and some are exported to Southeast Asia.


What we introduces is a new process , that is, the process of obtaining a product from sodium metabisulfite as a raw material through the reduction of zinc powder and the addition of formaldehyde in one step.

The raw materials are reduced and added in the same kettle, and all the reactants are transformed into products, and there is no waste.

In addition to the main products, it also produces chemically pure zinc oxide (99.5%) products.

The process has the characteristics of short process, stable technical conditions, low equipment investment and simple operation.


In the next article, I will share the production process related babs saka sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate.

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