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Sodium fluosilikat

Sodium fluosilikat


Names: sodium fluosilicate
MF: Na2SiF6   
Chemical Formula :Na2SiF6  
Molecular Weight 188.06
CAS No .: 16893-85-9
Kode HS: 2826901000
Appearance : White Crystals Powder
Packaging Detail: Plastic lined woven bags of 25/50/1000kg net each or as customers' request


sodium fluosilicate is mainly used as a cosolvent enamel, glass milky agent, acid clay and acid-resistant concrete and wood preservatives coagulator, pesticide industry for the manufacture of pesticides.

item National Standard(%) Asil (%)
Na2SiF6 98.5min 99.0min
Loss of weight on drying 0.30amx 0.30amx
Free acid (HCl) 0.1max 0.047max
Klorida (Cl) 0.15max 0.11max
Sulphate(SO4) 0.25max 0.23max
Wesi (Fe) 0.02max 0.02max
Water 0.4max 0.18max

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