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Hifadhi ya Viwanda ya Nyenzo ya Dongyue Fluorosilicon: "Zhi'an Park" Hufanya Uzalishaji Kuwa Salama Zaidi

Wakati: 2021-05-11 Hits: 22

A few davs aoo, the "soft" closed manacement proiect of Donavue Fluorosilicon Material Industrial Park implemented by Sinochem Eneray Technoloay Co.Ltd. passed the inspection and acceptance. This is another "safety lock" added by the park for safe production.

Different from the smart construction of other chemical parks. Donovue Fluorosilicon Material Industrial Park combines the production characteristics o.fluorosilicone materials and the needs of park manaqement and control, takes intrinsic safety as the focus of smart park construction, and realizes highly intelligent manaqement and control through large-scale automation transformation. , Through the integration of integrated information command system to build a smart platform, focusing on hazardous chemicals loqistics to implement "soft closed manaqement, effectively improving the level of intrinsic safet and becoming a pilot of the "Zhian Chemical Park" in Shandong Province.

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