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Isticmaalka kiimikada ee sulphite sodium oo aan biyo lahayn

Waqtiga: 2021-08-19 Hits: 15

Sodium sulfite anhydrous has a wide range of uses, of which the following are a few brief examples.

Bleaching agent for paper pulps.

Waste water treatment.

Bleaching agent for mining industry.

Auxiliary chemical in tanning process.

For the trace analytical determination of tellurium and niobium and the preparation of developer solutions, and also as a reducing agent.

For use as a stabiliser for man-made fibres, a photographic developer, a deoxidising agent for dyeing and bleaching, a reducing agent for fragrances and dyes, and a lignin remover for paper.

And it can be used as a bleaching agent in the food industry, but there are strict limits on the amount that can be added.

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