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Zhuzhou Rongda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Beşdarî Pêşangeha Kîmyewî ya Navneteweyî ya Japonê bû

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On November 21, 2019, the Japan International Chemical Exhibition closed in Chiba, Japan. The exhibition is widely recognized by the domestic andinternational chemical industry, and has a prestigious and authoritative exhibition.

After careful preparation, our company has become a highlight in the industry with its qood reputation. It has attracted many Chinese and foreign.customers' consultations. Many buvers have expressed satisfaction with our product auality and excellent service. Intention of goods.

This is a feast of the industry, and it is a journey of receiving goods. Participating in this exhibition has laid a good foundation for the long-term development.of our company. We will also continue to improve the management svstem, accelerate the process of brand buildina. rationally face market demand. andprovide better products and services to our customers and friends.

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