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Komès Etranjè Afè Aktyèl Momentum fò! Komès Lachin nan ak 10 peyi ASEAN monte 85 fwa! Antrepriz Chinwa yo ranmase 226.7 milya dola nan gwo lòd enfrastrikti ......

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Looking at these 30 years, the two sides have been cooperating more and more deeply in trade exchanges, and the scale has been growing, with China's trade with ASEAN expanding 85 times compared to the scale of the first trade.



For ASEAN, China is in a position of considerable importance. For twelve consecutive years China has been the number one trading partner in ASEAN's foreign trade and there is no substitute for it. In the first half of this year, trade between the two sides grew by 38.2% year-on-year, continuing to show strong growth, and the scale of trade between the two sides will continue to climb in the future.

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