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Faodaidh Trace Carbon Monoxide dèiligeadh ri sèid

Ùine: 2021-05-11 Buaidhean: 63


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Carbon monoxide is known to be toxic, and inhalation of the respiratory tract can cause brain damage and even death, but trace amounts of carbonmonoxide can help reduce inflammation. Scientists in Germany and Holland have developed a new way to cure inflammation with slow release of carbomonoxide by photodynamic therapy.

Photodynamic therapy is through selective photodynamic reaction to destroy diseased tissue, is injected into the human body or photosensitizer coated or the skin, and the position of light irradiation lesions of specific wavelengths, photosensitizer will produce toxic substances to kill lesions. Researchers al the University of Jena in Germany and the Leiden University in Holland have found that a similar approach can activate carbon monoxide molecules in thebody and the body surface.

Previousły, carbon monoxide molecules have been released from stored materials, which are usually irradiated with blue or ultraviolet rays which are. more harmful. In order to solve this problem, researchers have tried with photosensitizer in manganese carbonyl compounds containing carbon monoxide and then use the red light more secure, the photosensitizer for energy, and the energy transfer to the manganese carbonyl compounds. Manganese carbonyl compounds to obtain enough energy, can release carbon monoxide molecules.

In the subsequent experiments, the researchers added a plastic fiber to the photosensitizer and manganese carbonyl compound to make the fibernetwork, and then covered the skin surface with inflammation, with red light irradiation to cure the wound inflammation. But the researchers said the new. therapy remains to be further studied.


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