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MDI, MMA, DMF, BDO feedstock soar-Kitty Rongda Chemical

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Soaring 200%! In oare grutte opkomst yn plestik gemikaliën!

In addition to butadiene, more than a variety of raw material producers such as MDI, MMA, DMF, BDO, etc. closed the plate without offering!

The domestic MDI supply side is tight and the main distributors are sealing their orders without quotes. South Korea's Kumho manufacturers finished selling their polymeric MDI supplies in July and closed the plate to the Chinese market.

Domestic dimethyl carbonate market pushed up and running, most plants sealed their orders without quotation.

Jilin Petrochemical's 200,000 ton/year acetone cyanohydrin MMA plant was running at 50%, with the listing price in East China sealed and not quoted.

South China's BDO spot market was unavailable and quotations were light.

Xinjiang Guotai BDO delivery contract orders mainly, spot no offer for the time being.

Shaanxi Ronghe BDO no spot offer for the time being.

Sichuan Tianhua BDO is mainly used by downstream PTMEG and GBL, no quotation is available.

Fuhua Industry and Trade (Meizhou Bay, Fujian) BDO is mainly for self-use, no offer for external use.

Yizheng Dalian BDO is mainly for long-term contract orders, no external offer for the time being.

Yangmei Pingyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. does not offer urea; Shandong Jinmei Minshui Chemical Group Ltd. does not offer small particle urea; Anhui Red Square does not accept orders.

Yangzi Petrochemical MTBE is not quoted, no external sales at present. Dushanzi Tianli High-Tech MTBE is not available in Yinchuan and Chengdu depots and is not quoted, mainly for Sinopec and PetroChina.

Anhui Tianchen chlor-alkali PVC paste resin is temporarily closed, Shenyang Chemical PVC paste resin is temporarily closed.

Throughout the above many chemical plastic products manufacturers sharply up, closed plate not offer or suspend the case of receiving orders is not difficult to find, this situation is mostly caused by the shortage of supply of products. Under the tight supply, the price of raw materials is difficult to fall!

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