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Sodium Carbonate

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Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate



  1. Hs Code: 28362000
    2.Cas No. 497-19-8
    3.Molecular Formula: Na2CO3
    4.Molecular weight: 105.9
    5.Appearance: White powdered crystal
    Standard : Industrial grade, Food grade
    Package: 25kg/50kg woven bag or as customers' request                                                                          

  2. Paggamit

        soda ash is used in chemical industry , glass-manufacturing , metal-lurgy , paper-manufacturing ,petro chemical industry etc.

soda ash dense
soda ash light
content of Na2CO3    %99.2% min
NaCl  %
0.7% nga max
0.7% nga max
Fe   %
0.0035% nga max0.0035% nga max
Sulfate (SO4)%
0.03% nga max
0.03% nga max
Dili matunaw ang tubig
0.03% nga max0.03% nga max
bulk density g/ml

Particle size (180um sieving residue %)
70.0% min


soda ash is used in chemical industry, glass-manufacturing, metallurgy, paper-manufacturing, petro chemical industry etc.

paghingalan, pagtinagsa
itemSoda ash denseSoda ash light
Total Alkali(Quality Fraction of Na2CO3 dry Basis )%≥99.2≥99.2
NaCl(Quality Fraction of NaCl dry Basis )%≤0.7≤0.7
Fe(Quality Fraction of Fe dry Basis )%≤0.0035≤0.0035
Sulfate(Quality Fraction of SO4 dry Basis )%≤0.03≤0.03
Dili matunaw ang tubig≤0.03≤0.03
Bulk density g/ml≥0.9
Particle size(180um sieving residue %)≥70.0

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