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My land se totale produksie van titaniumdioksied sal in 3.51 2020 miljoen ton bereik

Tyd: 2021-05-11 Treffers: 13

On January 20. the reporter learned from the Titanium Dinxide Suh-center of the Chemical Productivity Promotion Center and the Secretariat of the Titanium Dioxide Industry Technolooy Innovation Strateoic Alliance. Accordina to the latest statistics from the Titanium Dioxide Sub-center and the Secretariat of the Titanium Dioxide Alliance, in 2020. all 42 full-orocess enterprises across the country The comprehensive outout of various titanijum dioxide and relater products of titanium dioxide manufacturers was 3.512 million tons, an increase of 330,000 tons over the previous year, an increase of 10.39%.

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